Hyper-Convergence Capabilities of AI/ML

Learn about Equitus concepts from a curated collection of informational videos and discover the possibilities of Equitus platforms.

Equitus is an easy-to-deploy intelligence ecosystem where each intelligence function and mission activity informs the other. Once deployed, users from across the organization can utilize the Equitus platform to perform mission-critical functions, while simultaneously contributing to the organization’s deeper knowledge store, increasing the speed and accuracy of intelligence activities across the command.

Equitus systems utilize open-standard graph databasing that is easily accessed by legacy systems, and integrates with any new tools added later. Equitus ingests and extracts massive amounts of information, fusing data from all sources into a centralized graph database.

What is Open Fabric?

With powerful analytics and an open design, EQ Knowledge Graph allows a defense contractor to tailor a system, tools, dashboards, data-flows, and processes to whatever use case they may desire.

Equitus Videos