KGNN (kajun)

Knowledge Graph Neural Network

Knowledge Graph
Neural Network


Autonomous Knowledge Unification


KGNN (pronounced ‘Kajun’) reimagines the landscape of data unification by infusing next-generation knowledge graphs with cutting-edge neural networks.

KGNN is the solution engineered to comprehend, reason, and dynamically interact with complex data ecosystems and provides a unified solution that addresses the historical limitations of traditional knowledge graphs.


Your fragmented and siloed enterprise data is a goldmine waiting to be tapped:

Connect your business across functional process and data silos
Democratize data & analytics across your organization
Uncover hidden insights that lead to informed decision-making

Advanced Semantic Reasoning

KGNN excels in advanced reasoning, leveraging its framework to effectively represent and analyze complex networks of real-world entities and their interrelations.

Dynamic Learning and Inference Capability

Designed for continuous evolution, KGNN autonomously adapts to both structural and data changes within its graph, maintaining its relevance and precision over time. Its dynamic learning and inference capabilities enable the platform to derive new information based on the data and rules defined within the graph.

Insightful Decision-Making

With its AI-driven approach, KGNN elevates decision-making processes. It utilizes semantic queries and advanced analytics, ensuring that decisions are based on a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of data.

Coherent and Interoperable Knowledge Creation

KGNN is committed to producing knowledge that is not just coherent and understandable but also interoperable across diverse systems. By adhering to standard data formats like RDF and OWL, and utilizing query languages such as SPARQL, Kajun facilitates seamless data integration and sharing.

Flexible and Agnostic Middleware Platform

Suited for dynamic, large-scale data analysis, KGNN is available as a flexible middleware platform that can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. As a system and data agnostic solution, it can be easily integrated across various industries and organizations, allowing for seamless incorporation with existing infrastructures.

Data Precision Sector by Sector

Data Precision
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