EQ Knowledge Graph

EQ Knowledge Graph offers robust analytics and a flexible design, enabling a defense contractor to customize their system, tools, dashboards, data workflows, and processes for a wide range of specific applications.

How it Works

Before, mapping of valuable intelligence data between systems often resulted in reduced information accuracy due to inflexible schema mapping and format constraints on data ingestion. The EQ Knowledge Graph provides a completely dynamic and flexible ontology that can rapidly evolve to meet the needs of field intelligence analysts and operators.

The EQ Knowledge Graph is designed to enhance the discovery and acquisition of intelligence information, facilitating the generation of fused intelligence outputs. This creates an environment where intelligence systems can effectively communicate. The logical architecture defines the components of the EQ Knowledge Graph and how they work together to provide the services that the Equitus platform uses.

Key Features
of the Equitus Fabric:


The EQ Knowledge Graph consists of several data processing pipelines allowing for seamless ingestion, transformation, querying, storing, and analysis of data from any source, in any format. Each data source can be a system, application, or repository that you might want to retain in your organization.

Equitus Convergence


The EQ Knowledge Graph is designed to cater to a wide range of use cases and skill levels. The system is built with a variety of entry points, spanning experience ranging from first-time analysts to professional data scientists.



A core focus of the EQ Knowledge Graph is the ability to integrate Equitus with legacy systems non-intrusively, leaving legacy applications and data untouched for continued usage. With a particular emphasis on legacy databases, it is straightforward to shift infrastructural elements of your current architecture to the ODF without upsetting user’s workflows.


Hyper-Convergence Capabilities of AI/ml

Equitus systems utilize open-standard graph databasing that is easily accessed by legacy systems, and integrates with any new tools added later. Equitus ingests and extracts massive amounts of information, fusing data from all sources into a centralized graph database.
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