Our Mission is to Deliver

The World's Best
Intelligence Systems

Technology Born From Combat

Our Mission is to Deliver

The World's Best
Intelligence Systems

Technology Born From Combat

Autonomous Intel. Unification

KGNN (Kajun), our AI intelligence system, modernizes analytics by seamlessly integrating data from all sources, including legacy systems, ensuring defense operations’ continuity and feeding next-gen AI, without abandoning vital investments.


 Our American-made technology prioritizes national security and provides you with full data control while addressing data silos and interoperability challenges. We go beyond mere data integration by offering a comprehensive catalog of connections and hidden patterns, providing decision makers with a holistic 360-degree view of your organization and operations, eliminating blind spots, and enabling informed decisions.



Discover how AI and advanced knowledge-graph technologies can drive your organization toward unmatched data-driven excellence. Radically improve data integration, operational efficiency, analytics, and security for unparalleled outcomes.


Engage With Your Data Like Never Before.​

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Monitor, Analyze, and Interact in Real-Time

Knowledge Management

Turns Inert Documents into Discoverable Entities

Geospatial Intelligence

The Common Operating Picture Enabling Geospatial Visualization of Data

Imagery & Video Analytics

Providing Insights Previously Unnoticed by the Human Eye

Achieve Data Supremacy

Modernize Your Analytics,

Without Abandoning Vital Legacy Systems

Open-architecture supports easy integration with legacy and third-party systems to protect previous technology and other investments.

A data fabric is a unified implementation of data storage, data analytics, and data transformation. These three things work together to put all data on a level playing field. Additionally, this fabric contains everything you need to transform, correlate, and manage data. A true graph data fabric achieves commonality, unlike a data base.